Vernon Fire Junior Division


Over the years, the Town of Vernon Fire Department Junior’s have seen many changes. Just recently, the group has reorganized and rejoined the National Exploring Division of the Boy Scouts of America, which is promoting the organization of the Fire Service Explorer Posts. The group meets every Monday night and are currently following Firefighter I standards. There are many benefits of being a member of the explorer post. It gives young adults valuable insight into the firefighting profession. This insight will allow an individual to decide whether or not he or she desires to pursue a greater role in the fire service. Over the years, we have seen many junior firefighters become senior firefighters and fire officers within the fire department. By participating in the fire explorer post, the individual will gain personal confidence, learn how to use various tools, develop mechanical skills and aptitude, and gain greater awareness of personal and fire safety. Not only does the individual benefit, but also the fire department. The explorer post can assist with routine duties, public fire education and fire prevention activities, auxiliary functions on an emergency scene. A well managed fire explorer program will help to further the fire departments positive role in the community.



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