Emergency Management




The Town of Vernon, Office of Emergency Management's (OEM) mission is to plan, prepare for and mitigate the effects of natural, man made, or national security emergencies/disasters; educate the public on preparedness; coordinate and support responses to and recovery from emergencies/disasters; collect and disseminate critical information; and seek and obtain funding and other aid in support of the overall preparedness of the Town of Vernon.



Siren Activations


The sirens are tested on the first Saturday of every month at 12:00pm (Noon) for three minutes.


Upon hearing the sirens, residents of the Town of Vernon have the following options to learn

 the nature of the emergency and the necessary steps to take:


 1. Contact the Town of Vernon, Office of Emergency Management Information Line by

 calling (877) 762-7372 and pressing option #1.


2. Visit the Town of Vernon, Office of Emergency Management’s website at www.VernonPrepared.com.



3. Information may be available on the radio or television via the state’s Emergency Alert

 System (EAS) depending upon the scope and nature of the emergency.


More Information


Visit the Vernon Emergency Management website at http://www.vernonprepared.com.



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